Sydney’s Vibrant Art and Entertainment Scene

Sydney has long been recognized and renowned worldwide for its vibrant art and entertainment scene as well as for its lively sports calendar and fun-filled year-round festivals.

The Opera House is the centerpiece of Sydney’s performing arts scene and the venue of choice for Australia’s preeminent performances in ballet, opera, music and theatre. There is also the nearby Wharf, the base of such leading performance groups such as the Sydney Dance Company, the Bangarra Dance Company and the Sydney Theatre Company.

The Theatre Royal and the baroque State Theatre regularly stage traditional theater productions while the newly-renovated Capitol is a favorite venue for long-running musicals. The Lyric Theater, Belvois Street and the Showroom, which is housed in the Star City Casino, are other popular entertainment venues. The Ensemble regularly stages productions headlined by popular Australian actors.

For foreign visitors with alternative tastes, we strongly urge a visit to The Stables and the Performance Space. Meanwhile, for a taste of contemporary dance and ballet, the Opera House and the Wharf are excellent choices while The Bondi Pavilion, Enmore Theatre and Seymour Centre are more than worth the visit. Jazz enthusiasts will love the Basement at Circular Quay and Pontoon.

The music scene is alive and thriving in venues such as the City Recital Hall, the Customs House and the Sydney Entertainment Centre, which regularly stages international concerts. The Rose of Australia in Erskineville has developed an excellent reputation for the quality of its live bands.

Sydney is also acclaimed for the quality and diversity of its museums. For a fun and educational afternoon, The Australian and Powerhouse Museums are the places to explore. People with a fascination for naval ships will appreciate The National Maritime Museum while those with a thing for ghosts, especially ghosts of dead prison convicts, may find a trip to the Hyde Park Barracks interesting.

In addition, the State Library of New South Wales offers a wealth of knowledge while Macleay Museum provides an eye-opening exhibit of over 9,000 stuffed birds as well as Charles Darwin’s flea.

Australia’s leading art institution is the Art Gallery of NSW, which houses perhaps the most significant collection of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander works. It also contains an impressive array of European and Asian art. Visit the Museum of Sydney for its unique approach to narrating Australia’s colonial and indigenous history. The Museum of Contemporary Art boasts of a fine international collection of art pieces, and the Manly Art Gallery & Museum has a permanent display of over 800 paintings tracing the colorful history of beach culture.

On the other hand, if your idea of art and entertainment carries an epicurean yearning, then Sydney’s vivacious club scene will provide all the excitement that you need. Virtually every year, there are new and hip places in the city that draw in the most upscale and sophisticated crowds, such as Darling Harbor, DCM, Q Bar, Mr Goodbar and Rogues are other popular choices for foreign visitors looking for a swinging night out in Sydney.

Lastly, the city’s best bars and pubs include the likes of Longrain, the Grand Pacific Blue Room, Gilligans and Dugout Bar (underneath Burdekin Hotel). Business types, both foreign and local, usually converge at SlipInn, Wine Banc, Aqua Luna Bar and Jacksons On George.

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Using Textbooks to Learn Performing Arts

If a person wants to learn performing arts, then he can choose from a variety of forms, such as dancing, music, theater, and many others. There are several text books available in the market that can help you learn a few tricks of the trade, but choosing the best book for your genre of art is difficult. Many people also argue that learning a performing art using a text book is not the right way to go. While this argument may hold true for almost all forms of art, it is necessary to refer to books to learn a few subtle things about the art that you cannot learn from your mentor or instructor.

Books are available for almost all types of performing arts and also cover all possible genres of arts. For instance, you can easily find books that will help you learn various drama forms, including theater, acting, mimicry, stand-up comedy, and many others. However, you must take the fact into consideration that books can only act as a supplement for learning any form of art. You can best learn a performance art with constant, uninterrupted practice and by seeking advice from a good mentor or instructor. You can further learn by observing how the masters of the art perform their act and can take tips from them to further enhance your talent.

This, however, does not mean that you should stop looking at books completely. Many performing arts books are expensive and are sometimes not easily available in the open market. Luckily, in the age of the Internet, you can find such books online easily. A search on online bookstores, such as Amazon, can provide you with a good listing of books pertaining to your preferred form of performing art. You will notice that, in such bookstores, books are available at cheaper prices than the markup prices of their retailers. This is because many people who are owners of these books sell them online at cheaper prices or sometimes even auction them. You can buy them online and keep for your reference or even as a collector’s item if you happen to lay your hands on a classic item.

If you look back into history, you will find that performing arts were given a boost by renaissance. This period was regarded as the golden age of art, and many artists, such as Shakespeare, wrote plays and dramas in the form of books that are in demand even today. These books can be found in libraries and are stocked by a large number of booksellers.

In the modern world, there is no dearth of books related to any form of performance art. In fact, today, we can find not only books, but also other materials, such as magazines, articles, and guides, to help us learn a particular form of performing art. This has helped popularize various dance forms that were previously known in only small parts of the world.

Given the benefits found in books for students of a performing art, it is essential if they supplement their practice of the art with books to become experts.